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CSFP Special Edition: Preparing for Change

  • Tuesday, April 16, 2019 9:43 AM
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    commodity supplemental food program - special edition - food package updates

    April 2019

    Planning Tips for April: Getting Ready for Change

    As you prepare to implement the enhancements to the CSFP Food Package on November 1, 2019, USDA has developed a planning calendar as a roadmap to help you break tasks into smaller pieces and work through them in a more manageable way. This new CSFP timeline can be found in the CSFP Food Package Toolkit on the FNS website. Here are some suggestions and planning tips to help you get started now!

    • Review the CSFP Food Package Toolkit resources to identify which foods will be changing.
      • Note which items will transition to new package sizes - dry beans, rice, oats, and grits. 
      • Note which categories will include new options and think about how you want to begin introducing these items in the fall.
    • Remember that most items will remain the same, but the quantities issued may be different after November 1, 2019.  It is important to start thinking about how you will implement the changes.
    • TIP: Remember that to start offering smaller package sizes, you will need to plan when to order and receive them. Be sure to use your inventories of larger package sizes first before transitioning to the smaller packages. Assess your current inventory and determine when you should receive deliveries of the new package sizes in order to switch over as soon as possible after November 1.
    • TIP: Consider how you are going to implement the upcoming changes in the fruit and vegetable categories.
      • Remember that vegetable quantities are doubling! Think about the options you want to offer in each category as you forecast and place orders. Consider which vegetable options are available for quarterly orders and offer these options as needed to help you get through the first few months. Try not to give too many units of the same item each month.
      • Think about how you want to implement the new combined juice/fruit category and adjust your forecasts for juice and canned fruit accordingly. Try to offer variety every month. Consider which fruit options are available for quarterly orders and plan to offer these options as needed to help you get through the first few months.
    • Consider how the changes might impact the boxes, bags, or other materials you use to pack your monthly food packages.
    • Consider simulating sample food packages to see what these changes will look like using items that are currently available. Think about various combinations of foods you can offer as new items and pack sizes become available.
      • TIP: Packaging can vary within a food category and some items will take up less space than others. If you have limited space in your existing boxes/bags, focus on options that result in smaller packages until you can change your materials accordingly.

    Webinar Opportunities

    The CSFP Food Package webinar series was created to help stakeholders transition to the enhanced CSFP Food Package. The first two CSFP Food Package webinars have been recorded and are now available on our website on the CSFP Food Package Toolkit page. Check out the recorded webinars below and register for the next CSFP Food Package webinar!

    Title: CSFP Food Package: What You Need to Know! (2/28/2019) – Listen to the recording now!

    Description: The USDA Food and Nutrition Service is making significant revisions to the CSFP food package in response to feedback from the CSFP community! This is the first of a series of webinars that will help CSFP States and local agencies prepare to implement the food package changes. Join this webinar to hear what will be changing in the food package and have an opportunity to ask questions.

    Title: CSFP Food Package: Ordering Guidance for Direct Shipments (3/7/2019) – Listen to the recording now!

    Description: Learn more about the CSFP Food Package changes and how to adjust direct shipment ordering to prepare for implementation starting this November. We will review products that will be phased out, new material codes (pack sizes) that will be added to the catalog and anticipated new product offerings. We will discuss catalog availability, ordering deadlines, and how to anticipate direct ship needs for the new guide rate. This webinar is for States that receive direct shipments.

    Title: What are CSFP State and Local Agencies Doing to Prepare for Changes? (4/24/2019) – Register now!

    Description: The CSFP Food Package enhancements will be implemented starting November 1, 2019. States and local sites have many things to think about before November, such as: 

    • How to get feedback from clients about the foods they would like before placing orders? 
    • What changes are needed to make your ordering and inventory management accommodate new products and package sizes? 
    • What documents or processes will need to be updated? 

    Join us for this webinar to hear from three State and local agencies who will talk about the things they are doing to prepare for the changes.  USDA staff will also address some common questions about the enhanced food package.

    We have more CSFP Food Package webinars scheduled in the coming months. If you are interested in attending a live CSFP Food Package webinar, subscribe to receive all CSFP webinar announcements! 

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