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How Much Do You Know About Child Nutrition Labels?

  • Friday, May 26, 2023 10:08 AM
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    How Much Do You Know About 

    Child Nutrition Labels?

    Test your knowledge with Team Nutrition’s 

    Child Nutrition Label Web Quiz!

    Team Nutrition is excited to announce the newest addition to our web quiz collection: the Child Nutrition Label Quiz! This new quiz reinforces information provided by the Child Nutrition (CN) Labeling Program and the Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs.

    The Child Nutrition Label Quiz helps operators identify products eligible for a CN label and understand the requirements for accepting CN labeled products. It is comprised of 10 self-paced questions and provides feedback for correct and incorrect answer choices. The user may retake the quiz or retry questions as many times as desired. Take the quiz today at

    Team Nutrition Quizzes can be used for self-paced knowledge assessments, at trainings, or at other nutrition events as a fun and engaging learning activity. Upon completion of each quiz, quiz takers receive a score along with a link to resources that can help expand their knowledge on the topic and build their menu planning skills. The quizzes are also available as widgets, so they can be easily embedded and displayed on other web pages to support training.

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