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2020 Annual Conference Workshops

  • Monday, April 27, 2020
  • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Hyatt Regency Seattle, 808 Howell Street Seattle, WA 98101


  • ServSafe Manager is an advanced food safety certification developed by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) for foodservice and hospitality personnel. The ServSafe brand allows you to offer the highest standard of training to your staff. It also keeps customers safe with advanced food safety knowledge.

    ServSafe brings together current best practices in advanced food safety, as well as current best practices for instruction to meet our industry’s changing needs. Students stay engaged in current state health code regulations and learn how to demonstrate knowledge of foodborne disease prevention, and application of HACCP principles.
    This ServSafe Manager class will be offered in a one-day review format. Attendees will receive the ServSafe Manager book by electronic format to study prior to attending the class. ACDA will be closing registration for classes two weeks in advance of the class date to ensure each attendee has ample time to study. The day of the class the attendee will receive approximately four hours of review of the ServSafe Manager materials. Review is followed by the ServSafe Manager exam, proctored by the class instructor. Attendees are allowed two hours to complete the exam.
  • So, you are in the business of child nutrition - but how do you separate fact from fiction about “nutrition”? Where do they get these ideas for the meal pattern? Learn basic nutrition information for yourselves and those you care about in this fun, interactive class. From understanding basic nutrients, reading nutrition labels, navigating nutrition messages in the media, and the design of grocery store shelves, everyone will walk away with a new look at how they shop and what they consume.
    Target Audience: All
    Level: Beginner
  • In this state-led beginner session, SDA's will provide training to stakeholders around the basics of the USDA Foods program.
    Target Audience: SDAs/RAs/Industry
    Level: Beginner
  • This session will provide a step by step process on the required components of a bid document.
    Target Audience: RA's/Industry
    Level: Intermediate
  • This session will provide an introductory overview of CSFP including technology, food pack updates/challenges, complete box utilization, meal prep, and increasing caseloads.
    Target Audience: SDAs/Household Partners
    Level: Beginner
  • In this interactive session, participants will be provided strategies for enhancing their culinary skills/techniques. The strategies gained from this session will help participants menu items that go from plain to wow.
    Target Audience: RAs
    Level: Intermediate
  • In this session, USDA will provide training to state agencies around managing USDA Foods ordering and the processing program. This session will cover best practices for communication and program management.
    Target Audience: SDA’s ONLY
    Level: Intermediate
  • This session will provide a step by step process on the required components of analyzing and awarding a bid.
    Target Audience: RA's/Industry
    Level: Intermediate/Advanced


We are pleased to offer several options to enhance your educational experience during the 2020 Annual Conference!

Pre-Registration is required for these sessions and all have participant limits. Register as soon as possible to guarantee a spot, click the 'Register' button at the bottom left of the page to select the workshops you would like to attend. Registration for the 2020 Annual Conference is required for participation in the Workshops which occur before the conference. If the workshop has open seats available 5 minutes prior to the start of the workshop, those that have not pre-registered may be able to attend on a first come, first serve basis. 

Offerings include a range of 2 to 8-hour workshops to focus on key competencies that impact your work including hands-on training and a more thorough review and explanation of programs with more time for Q&A. 

Click here to visit our the 2020 Annual Conference page. 

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