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ACDA officers and members invite you to use our site as a resource for USDA Foods information and as an industry link to trade members and key policy issues. We are committed to improve the USDA Food Distribution Program on behalf of all stakeholders and we welcome your participation in this important effort.  ACDA is the communication link between agriculture, industry, government and the customer (recipient agencies) and the collective voice for policy decisions impacting food distribution programs. 


ACDA is committed to improving the USDA Distribution Food Program on behalf of all stakeholders.


ACDA will be the recognized leader and voice for continuation and improvement of USDA Food Distribution Programs.


Agriculture, Industry, and Government…Working Together


  1. To identify and address issues that impact the USDA Food Distribution Programs
  2. To affect legislative, regulatory and policy changes for the improvement of the USDA Food Distribution Program
  3. To develop an effective communications link with stakeholders
  4. To initiate and strengthen strategic working relationships
  5. To enhance leadership

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WELCOME to the American Commodity Distribution Association all new website!   Our new site will allow you to join or renew your membership, register for Annual Conference and update your contact information.   Thank you to our current members for their continued support of our association, not a member?  Take a moment to join today! 
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39th Annual National Conference

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