Certified Food Distribution Professional Level 1 Application

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ACDA Food Distribution Professional - Level 1 IF YOU WANT TO TAKE THE ACDA FOOD DISTRIBUTION EXAM, YOU MUST VISIT OUR UPCOMING EVENTS TO FIND AN IN-PERSON TESTING OPPORTUNITY. This is only for individuals that previously tested and passed the exams. Once you complete the purchase and the payment is received, ACDA staff will verify completion of two competency exams with a passing score of 80% or higher. ACDA staff will reach out with certification details. Please read through these items before purchase. 1. I confirm that I did complete the competency exam's checked in the question above. 2. I understand that the ACDA Food Distribution Professional Certification requires renewal. At the time of renewal or by the second December 31st following the original certification date, each certification level must submit a renewal application, CEs requirements**, and the renewal fee. You can learn more about the CE Requirements by reading the ACDA Food Distribution Handbook available on ACDA's website: https://commodityfoods.org/core-competency-areas/.
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