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ACDA is working hard to keep members up to date on the latest COVID-19 developments and how it may impact you and your organization. See below for helpful information and member solutions. 

Member Solutions/Questions

Questions? ACDA leadership, including political adviser Roger Szemraj will do our best to answer your questions about efforts being put into place to manage COVID-19. Has your organization or local government enacted strategies to reduce the spread of COVID-19 or implemented creative ways to continue food service in you community? Share what your organization is doing to navigate COVID-19. At times like this, it is vital that the ACDA community come together to do what we do best, share knowledge and information so we can better Nourish the Nation.  

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4-6-20USDA Announces Online Tool to Help Families Find Meals for Kids During COVID-19 Emergency. Read more.

4-2-20TEFAP Flexibilities. Read more.

3-31-20 - USDA Temporarily Extends Some Audit Program Certifications. Read more.

3-26-20 - USDA Makes it Easier to Feed Kids and Those Who Need Food During the COVID-19 National Emergency. Read more.

3-26-20 - USDA Feeds Kids, Helps Families During COVID-19 Emergency. Read more.

3-23-20 Oregon receives National recognition for ensuring kids have access to meals. Read more.

3-23-20 - FNS Child Nutrition Waivers. Read more.

3-20-20 - USDA and DOL Announce Information Sharing to Assist H-2A Employers. Read more. 

3-18-20 - President Trump Signs Coronavirus Bill. Read more. 

3-17-20 - USDA Announces Feeding Program Partnership. Read more.

3-13-20 - USDA Q&As - Child Nutrition Program Meal Service during COVID-19

3-10-20 - Perdue announces proactive flexibilities to feed children when schools close. Read more.


3-18-20 Senate Approves the Families First Coronavirus Response. Read more.

3-16-20 - House approves Coronavirus Response Bill. Read more.

3-13-20 - President Trump declares a National Emergency. Read more.

3-12-20 - The US House of Representatives is considering a bill today that includes nutrition provisions. Read more.

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